Chakrata – Journey Of Landscapes


Chakrata’ is a cantonment hill station in Dehradoon district of Uttarakhand state located at 320 kms from Delhi, it is a small town which has less than 4,000 population. The town is located between Tons and Yamuna rivers at an elevation of 7,250 ft above sea level. It is well connected by cities but still its beauty is more because of its isolation in hills. It is rarely known by the travelers, in-fact only frequent travelers know about it. Its beauty is very sober, surreal and calm which make the travelers to spent couple of days in peace. Hilly cool atmosphere favor the visitors to eradicate their metro blues and refresh their mindset from hectic schedule of urban life.

Deoban’, ‘Tiger Fall’ and ‘Viraat Khai’ are main itineraries which are located on the outskirts of Chakrata. These itineraries are thrilling and wondrous where travelers love to get lost in nature unconditionally. Forests, meadows, abyss and isolated beauties are spellbound to express. Accessing Chakrata is also amazing as forest and hilly journey transforms the mindset more close to nature. The greenery and yellow grassy patches make the riders journey extremely satisfying.

Route: Delhi–> Karnal–> Yamunagar–> Poanta Sahib–> Vikas Nagar–> Chakrata (320 Kms)

Hotels Info: There are fewer hotels in Chakrata, the best one is ‘Snow View Hotel’ on a beautiful location. Apart from hotels one can stay in camps available few kilometers before Chakrata or at Viraat Khai located 20 kms further.

Here is my pictography…..

Sukhdev Dhaba

I have traversed many places but never planned or got any chance to ride Chakrata. Heard about it several years back but never thought to go there. While searching on Google for my next trip I finalized Chakrata this time and my friends also pat my back for Chakrata only. I, Nitin, Rishabh and Vivek started very early morning from Delhi and soon reached Murthal and halted for the breakfast at Sukhdev dhaba.



We all had delicious Parathas with butter and tea, it was a superb breakfast which satisfied our tummies.



With the thumping sounds of our bikes we were traversing the highways through the beautiful farming fields and ripen crops.



Soon we left the Chandigarh highway and connected Yamuna Nagar highway going Poanta Sahib.


Hathini Kund

Yamuna Nagar to Tajewala distance was through city traffic which lowered our riding enthusiasm. We halted for a tea break near Tajewala to refresh ourselves. It was just an ordinary tea, we asked the Chaywala if he put Adrak? He replied ‘No’ by adding we only provide ‘Vaishnav Chay’. We all looked each other and laughed as this was the first time we heard of Vaishnav Chay because Vaishnav is used only for purely vegetarian food. Anyways… we moved ahead.

We saw a signboard directing off road for ‘Hathini Kund’. We decided to take the stab as we had heard it many times in news during monsoon season. When waters are released from here then Yamuna overflows in Delhi which becomes the sensational news for media for few days. The way they project their news it seems Delhi will sink overnight and we all should leave. Therefore Hathini Kund became the must visit place for us to see what is there 🙂

The first look which we got was amazing, its magnificent look was very thrilling. It was a huge water body, now I can figure it out how immense it would be appearing in monsoon. Below video describes this place.


Kalesar Jungle

Relaxed there for some time and moved for Chakrata through Kalesar jungle road.



We halted again just after a short ride to admire the jungles.



Soon we crossed Poanta Sahib and entered Uttarakhand, journey became more luring.



Fields and farms in mid of the hills. A beautiful video worth watching.


41 more…

Just 41 kms more.



We thought not to take frequent breaks, but these beauties were compelling us to halt at short intervals.



This is the point from where hilly road starts.


Towards Chakrata…

Beautiful roads.



Finally on the hilly roads.


Landslide Zone

Landslide zone, it reminded my last year Spiti tour where this kind of scene is very common throughout the journey.



Thrilling roads and abyss.



Further few more kilometers of journey put us in vivid landscapes.


12 more to go…

12 more kilometers. The way distance was reducing same way our excitement was increasing. Bike ride video below:



Yellow beauty.


Serpentine Road

Beautiful roads through hills.



Finally reached Chakarata and checked in Snow View Hotel. The location of the hotel is amazing. It is located half kilometers from the cantonment in a jungle location.



View from the balcony corridor.



Astonishing scenery, it is the front view from the balcony.



We ordered snacks and tea and admired this beautiful dusk with the tea sip. Doing almost eight hours of ride and hard work to get these scenes is worth doing it. Soon it was all dark, we had our dinner, enjoyed friendly time and slept. A beautiful video of dusk below.



Vivek and Rishabh banged the door and asked me and Nitin to come out for Sunrise view. It was 6’O Clock morning already, we quickly moved to balcony for the Sunrise which put us in awe. The first pictures depicts Sun is about to rise, its rays are going upwards. Second one shows first rays coming to us. Third shows the first rays touching the balcony rails. The fourth picture depicts full sunrise. This beauty lasted 3-4 minutes only but refreshed us. It seemed our veins got enriched and activated by morning sunrays. Chek the below video this sunrise.



Some creativity.



Morning beauties.



Snow View Hotel, I was very surprised by its location. It is a peaceful place away from the market.



Chakrata market, we quickly had our breakfast and moved for Deoban.


Towards Deoban…

Deoban is a dense forest which is also the top most point (9,925 ft) in Chakrata region. It is believed that it is God’s own forest therefore called Deoban. (Deo=Dev=God, ban=forest). It is located on the top in isolation where air purity increases as there no traffic or market pollution. It is located around 20 kms from the main cantonment area. Deoban bike ride video below:



Though, it’s a nice place surrounded by jungles and splendid valleys but reaching there is extremely hard. It is totally off road, steep and engraved with gravels which makes the journey extreme tough. One can only drive on first gear, its steepness de-accelerates the speed and stops the bike many times, therefore riders going on the top are recommended extra cautions.



After half an hour we reached half distance and decided to take a small break to relax our muscles which was paining on jerky road. This was an amazing place from where a 360 degree panorama was visible which can be seen in below video.



Adventurous roads.


Forest Office

Riding slowly we reached on the top. There was a forest office and guest house, it was for forest officers who come for jungle inspections.



Top view from the guest house. Me and Nitin sat here for some time waiting for Rishabh and Vivek as they were behind us but not appeared so far.



We decided to move into the jungle for more nature explorations, it was marvelous jungle.



We came across a cliff from where entire valley was looking scenic.


Nature Trek

Moved further into the jungle for more nature walk.


Deodar Trees

Deodar trees, all pristine and surreal charm. We spent some time enjoying nature in isolation and waiting Vivek and Rishabh. It was almost more than an hour and they not appeared which grew my worries for them therefore we started returning to find them. Actually it is a place where mobile networks disappear which caused communication break. Soon we reunited, actually they moved much ahead on a wrong path, anyways we reunited and started our explorations once again. For more details please check my blog ‘Deoban – God’s Own Jungle



Vivek and Rishabh were on a wrong way but they said they enjoyed a lot as they also saw many beautiful valleys and jungles, they decided not to go for Deoban as already they enjoyed such kind of beauty. Now it was time to go for a new itinerary, Tiger Fall, we put ourselves on the Tiger Fall road.



Tiger Fall is located 17 kms from Chakrata and well connected by a sophisticated tarmac road therefore we quickly reached at the welcome gate.


Tiger Fall Stairs

We parked our bikes and took the visitor ticket which was just a nominal fee. Fall is located at a kilometer down trek through the beautiful villages and farming fields.


Lush Green

En-route lush green step farming.



Some more beautiful and vibrant sceneries.


Tiger Fall Point

Within 30 minutes of down trek we reached on the Tiger Fall point. It is a small place where a remote restaurant is available for refreshments.


Tiger Falls

Tiger Fall, it falls from 50 meters, its water droplets flow in air which causes cooling effects all around the place. Check the below video.



A selfie at Tiger Falls. We spent some time there enjoying the flowing water droplets, refreshed ourselves and then left the place as sun was getting low for sunset. Soon we reached our hotel, had dinner and slept early as next day it was returning day. For more details please check my blog ‘Tiger Fall – A Hidden Beauty



Next day we started in dawn and decided to head Delhi via Viraat Khai located at 20 kms from Chakrata. In the journey once again we got the beautiful sunrise, we halted and enjoyed it.


Towards Viraat Khai

Splendid roads of Chakrata.



Dense Viraat Khai jungles.


Viraat Khai

Road was in good condition, in-fact new constructed therefore we reached Viraat Khai very quickly. It is a place which has both side valleys from where 360 degree panorama can be seen in the below video.



I captured it from the top road, it is the same road which is just below and the third one on which Pik-Up truck is moving. Within couple of minutes truck crossed us from where I captured this picture. Check the below video of Viraat Khai.



Early morning slanting rays, doing some funny things 🙂



Now the sun was above the hills which relaxed us from chilling atmosphere.



We were quickly down sailing from hills to plains. This was the last beautiful valley that we came across where Yamuna was flowing below. Soon we reached Vikas Nagar and then we put ourselves on the Saharanpur road which goes through jungles. We really enjoyed the jungle road which can be seen in below video.


Chakrata is an extended weekend gateway where visitors can stay couple of days to refresh and meditate. Keep following my blog for beautiful pictures and stories.

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