Dayara Bugyal – Paradise Of Meadows

Dayara Bugyal

Dayara Bugyal’ is a trekking paradise in the lower hills which is located at 11,181 ft and at a distance of 430 kms from Delhi in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. It is accessible from Barsu village through a 7 kms of steep trek through beautiful and solitude jungles. ‘Dayara’ means home and ‘Bugyal’ means garden, Dayara has endless meadows all over the place which justifies its suffix Bugyal. Once you reach on the gateway of Dayara, meadow starts and then it is endless. The more you traverse into it, curiosity increases to traverse and explore a little more. It has the top location called ‘Bakaria Top’ and after that ‘Gidara’ trek starts.

The lush green alpines, meadows, jungles, rivers, streams, flowers, fogs, clouds, grasslands and cattle, all these beauties are vivid and spectacular to see from the top. Also, the view of ‘Bandar Poonch’ range from the summit adds amazing beauty to the location. It is in those locations where you don’t have to be specific to any particular direction to view landscapes, it is like any where you see and it’s all astonishing. The lush green beauties are so magically soothing to eyes which compel you to utter words like Wow, Amazing and Mind Blowing.

Route: Delhi–> Dehradun–> Suwakholi–> Uttarkashi–> Barsu (430 Kms)

Hotels Info: There are fewer hotels in Barsu, the best one is ‘Tourist Rest House (Govt.)’ on a beautiful location. At Dayara Bugyal there are no hotels, one can set their own camps. Please contact ‘Vipin Rawat’ who is the owner of ‘Himalayan Bugyal Treks’. Mob # 9756196892, 8958851992, 9690606572. Vipin is a Barsu local who provide all kind of facilities at affordable rates.

Here is my pictograph journey…


Few years back I heard about Dayara Bugyal through one of my friends and put it in my ‘To Do’ list that will do that for sure. Now it was time to execute it. We planned it in the month of August but few locals were asking if we can delay the plan, as it was rainy season and trek will not be easy. We switched the plan to ‘Bijli Mahadev’ located in Himachal Pradesh.

We (Me, Dev, Vimal and Devesh) gathered at Karnal highway to start the journey, but Dev still insisted if we can think again for Dayara. Then what, we took the stab and headed for Dayara with an intention…‘Jo Hoga Dekha Jayega’ (Will Manage Whatever Comes). Vimal with RE Bullet Std-350 cc, Dev with Classic Desert Storm-500 cc, Devesh with Classic-350 cc and Me with Bullet Std-500 cc started the journey and reached on the outskirts of Dehradun after few hours of ride. We were very much relaxed as we were on time and so far no signs of rain.


Hilly Road

Further few kilometers of journey put us in the hills and then situational drama started, it seemed the journey that we did happily so far now it is reversing to worse. Vimal’s bike choked and was dead like rock. After wasting half an hour kicking it, we decided to tow it. Dev towed with his Desert Storm and bike started. This process continued at regular intervals and further we met huge traffic which worsens the situation. Almost wasted couple of hours in traffic and moving inch by inch we reached Dehradun, handed over the bike to a mechanic.



Vimal disclosed a new surprise that his in-laws live in Dehradun itself and his wife is also there from few days. Then what, in the mean time he took us there as bike was under mechanic supervision. We quickly refreshed ourselves and had delicious food prepared by Bhabhiji. The food and refreshment that we got was like a new life injected in the journey which was going worse every hour.

Destination was to reach Barsu village but we hardly covered half distance so far, that means our journey would extend or we won’t be able to complete that. Vimal and Devesh left to pick the bike and returned after an hour, after see-off and bye byes to Bhabhiji, Aunty and Vimal’s daughter Doyal, we moved to highway.


Suwakholi Morning

We planned to cover the distance as much as we can as there was still couple of hours of daylight. The moment we touched highway, one more drama banged and this time it was heavy rain. We sheltered under a garage and waited rain to halt. After half an hour we decided to move in the rain itself as no one was aware how much we have to wait, we quickly put the raincoats and moved. Vimal guided us through an alternate way because main Mussoorie road was almost overflowing with rainy stream and caused traffic blockage. Through the narrow streets which were also flowing with slush and streams we entered on the main highway for Mussoorie.

It was continuously raining which started wetting us in spite of raincoats. Soon it was dark and riding through it under low light and heavy rain we reached Mussoorie. We decided to halt at Suwakholi which was 20 kms further as Mussoorie would have been exploded with tourists because of extended weekend and it would had been hard to get any hotel. After half an hour we reached Suwakholi which was located in solitude, we quickly booked the hotel, refreshed ourselves, had dinner and slept early as half of the day was wasted and we had the plan to start early next day to cover the remaining distance.


Foggy Morning

The next morning was foggy and we kept enjoying the mist which was flowing all over the valley. It was very peaceful where no sound can be heard, it was only our bikes sound Dug Dug Dug Dug which was coming to our ears.



One of the most amazing moments which we witnessed in the journey. It was a jaw dropping view where we halted and kept gazing for few minutes.



Riding an hour under the clear weather once again Vimal’s bike broke down. This time it was throttle cable, it seemed someone was blocking our journey not to proceed further. Luckily he was carrying spare and replaced it but all was in vain. Cable was of different Enfield bike not of Bullet-350 cc. We parked the bike to a nearing village and Vimal was now pillion to Dev.



Vimal and Dev on Desert Storm.


Beautiful Roads

We kept riding through these beautiful Oak Pine jungles.



Beautiful hilly roads.



Village, farms and river.


Step Farming

Beautiful step farming, all these are en-route beauties.



The beauty of Bhagirathi river in the valley.



Riding further for couple of hours we found ourselves at Uttarkashi. It is a small town with lovely landscapes. A lovely school playground where children were playing cricket, its beauty compelled me to capture this moment. At Uttarkashi we had our lunch, relaxed for some time and then moved for Barsu village which was still around 45 kms.



Riding for an hour through beautiful landscapes and valleys we reached ‘Bhatwari’ village from where Barsu was located upwards at 9 kms from where Dayara trek starts.


Barsu Road

Towards Barsu village on a narrow and steep road.



Whithin 20 minutes we reached Barsu village and we quickly called few locals if they can arrange trekking equipments and guide us for Dayara. Vipin, a local came and agreed after some bargaining. We swiftly unpacked our luggage and kept at Vipin’s residence and carried only usable items.



We started our journey, crossed a man-made lake which had a beautiful reflection which was visible from the other side only.



Trekking started, couple of ‘Bhotias‘ (Hilly dogs resembling wolves) accompanied us, they all were friendly and seemed if they know us already.


Jungle Trek

Soon we realized that it is not easy as it was steep and our fitness level was not upto that. But we enjoyed trekking huffing and puffing as it was through beautiful jungles and fogs.



While trekking we got to see a hilly sparrow, a rarely seen bird.


Dense Fog

Fog everywhere, weather was unpredictable and soon we witnessed drizzle therefore we had to trek swiftly to reach half way mark, Barnala Tal. It is the only place where camping can be done midway as Barnala has water reservoir, also few huts are there from where one can take some help.


Barnala Tal

Barnala Tal, we reached there to camp but drizzle not stopped and in anticipation trek guide told us to let stay in the hut as in night it may rain heavy.



These huts are cow shelters where we stayed overnight along with the cows, it was also a different experience.



Cute calves.



We put ourselves in the huts, had tea and then prepared food. It was nice chit chat with the villagers. After having dinner (Dal Chawal), we quickly opened our sleeping bags and retired into it. It was continuously raining causing sounds which was blocking our sleep, but soon we find ourselves habitual and don’t know when we fall asleep.



Guide woke early and asked us to get ready ASAP for Dayara, we acted swiftly and came out. It was wondrous dawn out there, one of the amazing views I had seen so far.



We started our trek in the dawn and traversed just few meters and experienced a charming Sunrise which relaxed us from chilling weather.



Glittering colors in the sun.


Lush Green

Lush green beauty of Barnala.


Trek Continues…

Journey continues along with Bhotias.



Steep tracks.



Soon we found ourselves in the jungle once again. The sunrays were coming down through trees like rain droplets.


The shining algae on the trees, these were weird and beautiful.



Going further for 2 more kilometers we reached to a place from where ‘Bandar Poonch‘ range was visible. The valley was full of fogs which were flowing and adding mesmerizing moments. Check the below video of the same view.



Direction arrow to guide the right trail.



Vimal in style.



Guide told us that we are just five minutes from the Dayara gateway, these flowers are the indication that Dayara will start soon.



Close view of the hilly flowers.



Few huts on the gateway.


Finally we reached on the camp site from where entire Bandar Poonch mountain range was visible. It was a splendid feeling, it refreshed us by its view, removed all our exhausts. Check the below video of the Dayara gateway.



We quickly set our camps and relaxed to regain our strength which we lost while trekking.



Guide prepared Maggie for us which we were desperately waiting, it seemed we were starving. We quickly finished it and strength regained.


Bhotias following Vimal…

After relaxing some more time we started our trek into Dayara. There were more Bhotias who started following us.


XP Theme?

The first view of Dayara Bugyal, marvelous. It reminded me of Windows XP theme.



Greenery all over the alps.


Observation Shelter

Observation shelter at Dayara.



Shades of green.



Mountainous view, sometimes it becomes hard to explain it. Let the picture do the talking.


Fogs & Clouds

Clouds above and fogs below, a nice landscape combination.



Clouds, fogs and sunrays, a rarely seen view.


In the lap of nature…

In the lap of nature, picture itself describes what beauty it is. A perfect place to relax and cherish, even dogs were enjoying with us. Check the below video how this place looks.



Faithful creatures.


Close View

A close shot of Bhotia.


Vipin, our trek guide

Our trek guide, Vipin with a Bhotia. These dogs are protector of the cattle from flesh eaters like panthers and leopards. A group of 2-4 Bhotias can easily chase down flesh eaters.



Leisure time to enjoy the beauty.


Tiny Flowers

Flowery beds.



Streams and waters.


Beautiful Colors

Multi-Storied flowers, ‘Morina Longifolia.



White Poppy’ flower.



Nectar hunt.



Amazing valleys.



After relaxing for some time we decided to touch Bakaria Top which is the top most point of Dayara. We kept trekking through these beautiful meadows. A beautiful video below describing this beauty.



Going further for an hour we almost reached at Bakaria. Cattle were everywhere grazing all over the meadows.


Other side…

Amazing Bugyals on the other side of the valley, its beauty is not less than Switzerland.



A close view of the green alp.



Bhotias eyeing and guarding their cattle.



Some more beautiful meadows, endless beauties. A beautiful video below which refreshes the soul.


On the top…

Finally on top of Bakaria, Vimal was down there and captured the view. Me on the left then Vipin(guide), Dev and Devesh on the right. It was a fantabulous feeling of conquering top most point of Dayara.



A panoramic view from the top.



A clear view of the moon in daylight. Generally, this kind of clear view is rarely seen in cities.


Vimal performing cart wheel somersault in the Bugyals.



It was a perfect day to relax and enjoy on the top, finally we decided to move to our camps as it seemed weather will switch to rain. Our decision was right because dense fog surrounded the place and visibility was disappearing. We retired in our camps, enjoyed dinner and stayed overnight in the camps.


Down Trek

Next day we started early for down trek with lot of magical memories to cherish.



Refreshing ourselves in the chilled streams, it refreshed all our hectic and fatigues.



We quickly down trek, paid and thanked our guide for a nice journey and started our bikes for Delhi. After few hours of ride we reached where we had parked Vimal’s bike. Vimal was able to replace the cable which he got from Uttarkashi, after some hard work we were able to start the bike. Vimal decided to stay in Dehardoon at his In-Laws house for couple of days and remaining three drove all the way to Delhi.

It was a wondrous and blissful journey of four days in the lap of Uttarakhand. I consider it as an unfinished business and will surely plan once again for Gidara trek which is the next destination after Dayara. Happy Riding !!

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