Deoban – God’s Own Jungle


Deoban’, it is a dense forest located on the top most cliff of Chakrata. It is located 20 kms from the cantonment area, it comes under Forest Department supervision. These jungles are considered God’s own forest (Deo=Dev=God, ban=forest), most of the trees are Deodars where God’s existence is believed as per Hinduism. The entire cliff and surrounding jungle are utmost natural wonder where anyone would love to get lost in nature unconditionally. It is free from market and city life, its isolation itself describes its beauty.

Accessing Deoban is not less than a nightmare, it is located at 9,925 ft and can only be reached through a jerky and steep road which fully exhausts the body. The only way to reach on top is to take regular breaks, enjoy the surroundings beauty and go slow.

Route: Delhi–> Karnal–> Yamunagar–> Poanta Sahib–> Vikas Nagar–> Chakrata (320 Kms)

Hotels Info: There are fewer hotels in Chakrata, the best one is ‘Snow View Hotel’ on a beautiful location. Apart from hotels one can stay in camps available few kilometers before Chakrata or at Viraat Khai located 20 kms further.

Here is my Deoban pictography…..

Read my previous blog ‘Deoban – God’s Own Jungle’ to know the details about this journey. It was second day in Chakrata and we had plans to explore Deoban jungles. We quickly had breakfast and took packed foods and water bottles as there are no canteen or dhaba available in Deoban. It is totally an isolated place in the lap of Deodar trees.

In a quick time we reached on the forest check post and inquired about Deoban. Guards told us that it is not advisable to go there as roads are broken and dangerous but he reluctantly agreed when we insisted. He told us that you won’t be able to reach on top and will be returning from half way journey. He guided us to take the upper road after couple of kilometers which goes for Deoban.


Hut Houses

Heading Deoban.


Deoban Road

The upper off road goes for Deoban, located at 16 kms.


Jerky Road

We put ourselves on the off road and within a minute we realized the broken road condition. It was beautiful surrounding but road was extreme jerky. In the picture it seems normal but engraved gravels were shaking the bike. Check the below video of this ride.



Soon we found ourselves in the lap of jungles.



Jerky and broken road continues.


Spiders Colony

Spiders Colony, it were army camps, we found few soldiers practicing jungle tactics.



Towards the top.



In the mid we halted for a break to relax our muscles which was paining because of bike controlling on broken roads. It was the place from where 360 degree panorama was beautifying the journey.



Serpentine roads on which we drove and reached on top.



There are three roads in this picture, they all are the same, now you can figure its steepness.



Panoramic view. Check the below video of this beautiful place.



Hilly jungles.



The other side of the valley, don’t know where these roads go.



After a short break we moved further, Deoban was on the other side of this hill. If you can see some part of a tree can be seen that side.



Backdrop Himalayan range.



We kept moving slowly on these roads through the jungles.


Like cave…

Steepness was increasing with every kilometer we covered along with dense jungles.


Solar Panel

In the mid I found a small solar panel, by looking around found couple of workers which were constructing the roads. I asked them if it is their panel, they replied.. ‘Ha Saheb… Hum Isase Mobile Charge Karte Hain’. I was thinking how good these people are, they are already in ecology saving mode unlike us that we are only damaging our environment.


Black Hills

Moving further we saw a series of black hills.


Check Post

The barrier check post, the upper road is the one which goes for Deoban, from here it is 3.5 kms which was mentioned on the signboard also. Vivek and Rishabh were behind us, instead of waiting for them I preferred moving as it was just 3.5 kms.


Forest Office

Soon we reached on Top where Forest Guest House was built. It is for forest officers who come for jungle inspections. We parked our bikes and entered the compound but there was no body. I and Nitin were happy as we conquered the top as guard at Chakrata told us we won’t be able to reach.



We waited for Vivek and Rishabh for sometime but they not appeared therefore we moved into jungle for exploration. I was in assumption they must be taking breaks to capture journey pictures as Vivek also loves to clicks photos like me.



Front view of the Deoban, it’s a huge meadow on the top. It is the camping site for the travelers. We sat here for some time and relaxed.



We thought to move into the jungle for more explorations and found all eternal and surreal atmosphere.



Some more beautiful jungles.



The charming woods.


Moving further we experienced more beautiful sceneries, it was all seductive nature. Check the below video which show the beauty of this itinerary.



We came across a cliff which was looking little dangerous.



Yes, it was dangerous but entire valley was visible from there. A video of the same place.



An amazing valley.



Jungle trekking, we were the only people there, there was no sign of any other human.


Nature Walk

Nature walk, we moved more into the woods for exploration.



A hollow trunk.



Hilly herbs.



Wild herbs.



Hilly plants.



Creepy branches.



Beautiful plants and leaves.



Wild flowers.


Lady Bird

We hardly see any ‘Lady Bird’ in urban cities, I was glad to see it after a long time.


Tiny Flowers

Bunch of flowers.



Series of Deodar trees, it seemed we were in a fairy land. We were there for almost couple of hours but Vivek and Rishabh not appeared. Now my worries grew and we decided to return back to find them.


Fallen Tree

While returning we got a fallen tree, which was not while ascending, it seemed it was a recent incident.


Check Post

We reached at the same barrier check post from where Deoban was 3.5 kms. Now, it seemed Vivek and Rishabh followed the lower road. In Deoban there are no mobile networks therefore it was a communication break and we got split.



Look this picture, do you get anything? …Still not? It’s the India Map created by trees and branches 🙂 Jai Hind


Grassy Patch

Suddenly mobile created a sound, it was couple of messages. I quickly checked, only two networks were available. I called Rishabh’s number and luckily connected, now it was confirmed they moved onto lower road around 25 kms further. I called them back to the check post, I and Nitin had no option apart from waiting, and also they were carrying the bag which had food and water.

After 45 minutes they appeared, there were some heated arguments but we all were famished therefore focused on food only, therefore decided to find a place from where we can sit and enjoy the food. We find this place suitable, sat on the grass and enjoyed the food. Vivek and Rishabh not showed any interest for Deoban as they also saw the same kind of beauty on that route.


Some more beautiful scenes around this place. A beautiful video of this place.


After food we decided to move for next itinerary, Tiger Fall. Follow my next blog for Tiger Fall details.

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