Tiger Fall – A Hidden Beauty

Tiger Fall

Tiger Fall’ is a remote picnic spot in amidst of Chakrata hills located at 17 kms from the cantonment. It is isolated place away from urban hustle bustle where all day outing can be planned or camping or overnight stays can also be preferred to relax in lap of magical beauties. It is a famous spot for entry level trekkers where trekking goes through hilly villages and farming fields which make this place more soothing to eyes.

The best time to visit Tiger Fall is during monsoon as it appears in its full bloom. It falls from 50 meters, in-fact it slides speedily on the rocks instead of direct fall which makes it a different view and experience. Fall sounds like a tiger roar therefore it has been named as per that. It lies in the valley therefore it needs a kilometer of down trek through farming fields which makes it a complete adventure itinerary.

Route: Delhi–> Karnal–> Yamunagar–> Poanta Sahib–> Vikas Nagar–> Chakrata (320 Kms)

Hotels Info: There are fewer hotels in Chakrata, the best one is ‘Snow View Hotel’ on a beautiful location. Apart from hotels one can stay in camps available few kilometers before Chakrata or at Viraat Khai located 20 kms further.

Here is my pictography…..


We completed Deoban journey in the first half of the day, now second half was for Tiger Fall. Soon we put ourselves on the Chakrata-Tiger Fall road. A big welcome board greeted which enthusiasts the nerves for passionate riding. Check the main article ‘Chakrata – Journey Of Landscapes’ for complete details of this journey.



Some beautiful roadside scenes.



A big eagle flying in the valley.



The road towards Tiger Fall.


5 more to go…

Soon we reached on the second welcome gate from where fall was 5 kms down.



Through the remote locations.


The way…

Soon we reached at the Tiger Fall check point. It was a parking as well where we quickly parked our bikes and took the visitors ticket which had a nominal fee.



Fall was at one kilometer of down trek therefore we thought to have a little refreshment before moving. At the check point there was a small canteen where we ordered Bun-Makkhan and Chay.



After refreshments we started the trek which was easy one, it was all stairs.



Trek continues through these beautiful signboards.



A nice information, do read it.



A hut house on the way.



Terrace farming.


Weird Flowers

Almost half journey was completed and I distracted by a known smell. I was shocked, never experienced this kind of flower so far. I called everyone to check if I got the correct smell, Vivek confirmed it and we all smiled then. These yellow flowers smelled like testosterone (sperm). I was in dilemma to put this photo and information here or not, but this world belongs to shameless and bold people therefore it is better to give all information.



Hilly cactus.


Lush Green

Lush green beauties, we really enjoyed the trekking journey.



Some colors of nature.


Tomato Farms

Tomato farming.



Reaching the valley.



Villagers ploughing their fields.



A close shot of the plough.



Couple of houses on the way.



An old ‘Ata Chakki’ with retro look, Vivek framed it.



Just few minutes before the fall we came to a tent and a hut. It was a temporary kind of remote Dhaba which was giving it a country feel. We decided to have a cup of tea here in return.



Menu 🙂



A small bridge.



Trying mobile photography.


Lonely House

A lonely house on the way.


Tiger Fall point, there were couple of remote restaurants.


First View

First view of the fall.


The Fall

Front view, water droplets were flowing everywhere causing cool effects like air condition.


Side View

Side view.



Crystal clear waters and its video below:



A deserving selfie.


The beautiful flowing waters. Check the below video how it is flowing.



We spent some time at the fall, enjoyed the beauty and returned to the same Dhaba which we got just before the bridge. Biscuits and tea were ordered.



This dog was following us from the fall, we offered some biscuits.



A country ‘Chulha’.


Surrounding beauties of the place.



We returned back to the top, dog also followed us wagging his tail. Check the below video of this beautiful valley.


On Top

Reached on Top.



Tiger Fall valley, it was looking magnificent from the top. Dog was still with us therefore we gave some more biscuits, while he was busy eating we started our bikes and moved. Sun was already below the horizon and it was growing darker therefore we preferred reaching hotel as soon as possible. Check the below video of the night ride.

Soon we reached our hotel as it was just at 17 kms. In the hotel we checked our pictures and shared it with each other. We were really happy and relaxed as we spent all day in the lap of nature.

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