Spiti Valley Ride (Kaza-Kee-Kibber-Tashigong) – Vol#5

Kaza-Kee Road

How I got Leh’ed?’, this question or blogs headline on the internet is the same way ‘How I got Kaza’ed?’ Kaza is the main destination of Spiti Valley the way Leh is for Ladakh, journey’s culmination starts from these destinations as return journey begins to Delhi. Reaching Kaza means that half journey has been accomplished, the rest half which will be the part of return journey commences from here. Though, its culmination point but there is no compromise on adventurous hills and its landscaped beauties, in-fact beauty increases from each new destination traversed.

Kaza, Highest Petrol Pump Outlet, Kee Monastery, Kibber and spellbound embellish landscapes of isolated Gette and Tashigong villages were our new day plans. All these villages are beyond imaginative scenes which put the travelers in awe. Specially Gette and Tashigong villages and its region is not less than a cosmic world. The entire region is pristine and surreal where one can sit and admire its beauty all day.

Route: Mud Village–> Kaza–> Kee–> Kibber–> Gette–> Tashigong–> Kaza (120 Kms)

Hotels Info: PWD Guest House, Zostel Hostel and Hotel Deyzor are good options of budget hotels in Kaza.

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Here is my pictography…..

Back on highway…

Day 6: Previous day journey was full of jerks and pulls on off-road paved with gravels and pebbles which exhausted us, therefore we planned to give rest to our body sleeping couple of extra hours. We started little late from Mud village, in the noon we reached on the Kaza highway from where Kaza was just 16 Kms.


Kaza Road

Clouds and its shadows on the hills.



Tributaries of Spiti river.


11 Kms

11 more to go.


Welcome Gate

Kaza welcome gate.



It took couple of hours from Mud village and we find ourselves in Kaza town. A new destination achieved which means a new feather added on the cap.


Highest Petrol Pump

We quickly headed for petrol pump as ‘Reckong Peo’ had the last petrol pump on this route and that too we had couple of days before. Never miss Reckong Peo fuel station on this route as next one can be seen in Kaza only. It is the world’s highest petrol pump outlet situated at an elevation of 12,270 ft. We proudly raised the Tricolor.


We rushed for Zostel guest house as it is the main riders halting point in Kaza, parked our bikes and prepared our camps. We accommodated our luggage in the camps, refreshed ourselves and then moved for Kee, Kibber, Gette and Tashigong journey. These villages are local itineraries in Kaza district.



The magnificent Kaza valley, this can be seen while heading for Kee monastery.



Very pristine view from Kaza-Kibber road.



Rangrik village on the other side of the river, all these scenes can be admired from Kaza-Kibber road while heading for Kee monastery.


5 more…

Just five more kilometers left.



A marvelous topography.



As it was local sightseeing therefore Rahul preferred going without helmet and protective gears, though it’s not advisable thing to do.


Farming Fields

The farming fields on the banks of Spiti river.



Beautiful farming fields.



Cattle on the fields.



The zig-zag roads where we drove and reached on top. It’s surprising looking the same road in the valley after reaching on the top.


Kee Monastery

The first look of the Kee monastery, an unparallel view.



The serpentine Kaza-Kibber road which we took and summit ourselves.



Kee monastery welcome gate, it is the place from where right goes for monastery and straight for Kibber village.


We parked our bikes and started exploring the monastery.


Beautiful Roads

The spectacular view of Kaza road in the valley.


We enjoyed the religious environment there. A lady monk offered us herbal tea, it was delicious and refreshed us.


Top View

We moved on the roof to have sheer view from the top.



The top class beauty that we saw from the top.


Straight Road

The Kaza-Manali road on the other side of the river.


Towards Kibber

We left the monastery and headed for Kibber which was just 6 Kms further on the same road. I offered lift to this old lady but she denied saying bike scares her.



I saw club of white houses, I zoomed my camera and framed it. It is ‘Chicham’ village located on the other side of the valley.


3 more…

Three more kilometers for Kibber.



First view of Kibber village from the milestone shown in the upper picture.



On the verge of Kibber.



It is a small village living peacefully.


Kibber-Tashigong Signboard

It seemed group was not in the mood to ride Gette and Tashigong villages, they all were exhausted. They preferred having evening snacks, tea and to enjoy couple of hours staying in Kibber itself. I stayed there for some time and decided to go alone in the isolated Gette and Tashigong. I started my bike and put myself on the Kibber-Tashigong road which was 14 Kms long.



Ascent started, it was all off-road.



Sunrays falling in the valley.


Road under sunrays…

I kept riding under the sunrays.



Riding further few kilometers I found myself totally isolated in that region.



After few minutes I was on top of the hills, there was no roadside abyss, it was all plain.



It was all human less region, there was no sound, no birds, no trees. Only me and my bike with dug dug sound.



My bird, Thunderbird.



Capturing my shadow.



After sometime I found this temple, it gave me the guts to go ahead as it was the sign of humans.



Reached Gette village, only couple of houses were there along with their farming fields. I shouted loudly but no one came, it seemed they were away with their cattle.


Towards Tashigong…

Stayed at Gette waiting for someone but no one appeared, I preferred moving to Tashigong.



Once again ascent started through colored grass patchy hills.


Magical Sunrays

Sun was getting low and its rays were creating beauty.


The beautiful yaks, these view made my day. Otherwise, not coming to this place like rest of the group would have ended me repenting.



Small hilly lakes shining under sunset.



I kept riding in solitude through these beautiful sceneries.



Many times I halted and sat to admire these sunrays converting noon to evening.


Riding further few more kilometers I saw couple of houses, its Tashigong. I shouted there loudly to pull someone’s attention but no one appeared. Now it was shocking.. I am the only person here?



I thought road will end at Tashigong but it was continuing further. I completed my itinerary targets but thought to move further to see what is on the other side. I calculated the return journey distance and sunset timing and decided to head further as still daylight was in hand.



Driving further couple of kilometers I reached a place which resembled a summit of a hilly pass. It had some praying flags over a cairn, generally all passes have the same structure which this point had. I stayed there staring the road which was going on the other side.


Towards Thinam…

Same road continuing onto other side, later-on I found it was for ‘Thinam’. I researched on Google but not found any picture of this place, seems it’s just the name of this region, there is no village so far or township would be in process for coming future.


Magical Scene

Staying there for 10 minutes I refreshed myself with all these magical scenes and then started the return journey for Kaza.


The seductive dusk.

While descending it was growing darker as I was on top and Kaza was in the valley. After crossing Kee it was totally dark but I was not afraid, I was still passionate because I completed a blissful day of my life. I met my gang and made them jealous showing my pictures. Clicks this link for further journey updates. (Spiti Valley Ride (Langza-Komic-Hikkim-Kunzum) – Vol#6)

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