Spiti Valley Ride (Langza-Komic-Hikkim-Kunzum) – Vol#6

Langza Village Cattle

Spiti Ride was going astonishing everyday with every new destination covered. Itineraries and villages which we had researched and seen on Google many times were on the verge of completion now. A new day with new destination plans were rolled out from journey’s ‘To Do List’, now it was Langza, Komic (Highest Motorable Village) and Hikkim with ‘Highest Post Office in the World’. The word ‘Highest’ in the hills always excite travelers and riders, in-fact it’s a new thrilling challenge which glorifies the riders attitude achieving it.

Second half of the journey goes toward Chandratal via Losar and dangerous ‘Kunzum Pass’ on Kaza-Manali road. The return journey through Kaza-Manali highway is hardest part of Spiti adventure, at times it feels craziness while crossing Kunzum. There is thin line between craziness and passion, it seemed we were on the craziness side more. Descending from Kunzum is more painful because riding off-road where lose gravels, boulders, pebbles, rocks and dust tries to derail the ride.

Route: Kaza–> Langza–> Komic–> Hikkim–> Losar–> Kunzum Pass–> Chandratal (150 Kms)

Hotels Info: Parasol and Samsong are good options of camping. No hotel facility at Chandra Tal, PWD guest house is the only Hotel available at Batal which is 14 kms before Chandratal.

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Here is my pictography…..


Day 7: It was early morning, prepared ourselves, left some impressions on the pillar like others did and then we moved.


Kaza Valley

Crossed Kaza town after fuel top-up and put ourselves on the Langza road. In just few minutes of ride we found ourselves rising on the hill from where sheer view of Kaza landscape was visible.



Towards Langza village, soon we found ourselves on the hilltop where abyss road ended.



Mighty and colorful.



Riding under sunrays we reached Langza village located on the other side of the valley, a huge Buddha statue was placed above the village which was clearly visible from the road.



I zoomed my camera and captured the statue.



The beautiful Zig-Zag roads, Langza village was on the other side of this hairpin bend road. We loved crossing this beautiful road.



The beautiful Langza village under Buddha’s statue.


Langza, a small village with 140 population, here every villager knows each other very well.


Women with her child…

Langza women with her child.


Buddha Hill

We ridden further to the statue to have a closer view.


Lord Buddha

Lord Buddha. Check the below video of this place.



Some colorful hills adjacent to Langza. We stayed on the Buddha statue hill for an hour enjoying the beauty under a cool and favorable weather.



Few snow-capped mountains in the backdrop, view can be seen from the village itself.



Rear side of Langza village, it was not less than a paradise.



Cattle in the fields.



A small car in the mid of the mighty hills.



Find the road line, it is the same road which we followed for Langza.



We put ourselves back on the road and moved towards Komic in serpentine motion.



A road in heaven.



In a quick time we reached Komic village as it was located just 10 kms from Langza.



Sheeps were all over the village.


Komic is the highest motorable village in the world, we added one more milestone in our kitty. Village had a small population of just 114 people at that time, in the next visit numbers will change for sure 🙂


The mighty Himalayas in the backdrop.



Komic has a monastery school where Buddhist children get religious trainings how to live a monk life.



After some chit-chats with villagers we moved ahead for Hikkim village which was situated in the valley just below the Komic.



Beautiful Hikkim village panorama.


Parked in style…

We parked our bikes and moved into village to see the famous and highest ‘Post Office’ of the world.


Post Office

Read the elevation :), one more milestone in the kitty. We all sent couple of post cards to our home mentioning the place and elevation. Not everyone received it after returning to Delhi, but still we enjoyed writing postcards. Only Lokesh and Vimal received and that too after a month, but it seemed fair as Hikkim is a very remote location in Himalayas. Don’t know what happened to one which I sent :(, I wanted to keep it as a souvenir.


Some chromic color beauties of Hikkim and its road.


Straight Road

We completed our village itineraries, now it was time to leave Kaza district and head for Chandratal. While returning we saw a straight road, its Kaza-Losar road which goes further for Kunzum Pass and Batal.



Soon we find ourselves on the same road, we accelerated and enjoyed the speed.



A paradise view from the same straight road.



Few more beautiful valleys.



Natural carvings and designs, it seemed like chess pieces.


Riding further put us in the vast plains surrounded by hills, it seemed we were riding in a heaven.



The vast plains ended and once again abyss road started. Throughout the journey we found remote location villages at regular intervals, don’t know how these people manage everything. My Salute for them!!


Blue Sheep

Blue Sheep’, it is just the scientific name, don’t go by its shape and color 🙂 Even I don’t know about this name, in the ride we saw it and framed it.



Around an hour of ride we reached a place which looked very weird. It seemed a road which goes into a cave and returns from other side.



The other side of the road, it was terrific.


Desert  Hills

Rocky mountains ended and desert hills started.



Natural cut outs.



Natural architecture and designs.



Losar, it was also a scenic village which we got after riding couple of hours. We halted here for some tea and snacks, entered our details in the police check post and moved for Kunzum Pass.


Kunzum Road

Towards Kunzum Pass.



A huge milestone.



The ascent started.


Yellow Meadows

When we reached some height then it seemed valley increased its beauty. It was a different angle and view from there.


Layers and shades

Different shades of hills, mountains and grassy patch.



Surrounding was not less than a heaven but the road was most pathetic we rode so far, it was very dangerous and dusty.



Some magical scenes.



Vimal was also in the journey with his Esteem Car, in the mid he was trying a short-cut but vehicle gave up as it was very steep. He descended and used the regular road instead, he arrived soon where we were waiting for him. Never try short cuts in hilly areas as you may end up wasting time.


Kunzum Top

After a tough journey we reached Kunzum Top located at an elevation of 4590 mts above sea level.



On the top, there is a temple dedicated to ‘Kunzum Mata’ surrounded by praying flags. It is believed that taking a round of the temple makes a safer journey as Goddess bless the travelers. It is considered auspicious therefore we also took the round on our bikes. I saw a trucker also doing the same.



Temple surrounded by praying flags.


We took the temple round, prayed for our safe journey and moved, Vimal also did the same with his car following us.



A distant view of the temple, superb.


Towards Chandratal

Descending from the top was very painful as it was steep and continuous use of clutch and brakes started pain in our limbs. It was really very annoying sailing down, its steepness was alarming that anytime brakes can fail. Doing a hard work for 12 kilometers we reached Batal from where one steep and narrow road was heading for Chandratal. We put ourselves on Batal-Chandratal road which was 14 kms long.


Gravel Road

Route to Chandratal was also embellished with picturesque scenes. In the mid we stopped to relax as we all were exhausted by dangerous Kunzum Pass, couple of times we waited for Vimal as he was following us in his car and got stuck in the pebbles.


3 more kms

Soon we reached a place where riding was in the valley, no abyss road. We thanked God as we found ourselves in the plain valley where we can freely ride for sometime, also it was dusk and was growing darker.


Parasol Camps

Finally we reached to camps, it was a sigh of relief and relax. It was 6:30 evening, we quickly booked the camps and accommodated ourselves.



Last rays in the valley.

We refreshed ourselves and moved out for bonfire. There were already few people across other parts of India, we exchanged our journey experiences. Soon it was full dark and we were called for Dinner. It was normal food but taste wise it was very delicious, especially ‘Garlic Soup’ was amazing. I enjoyed it a lot. It not only refreshed us, also protected us from chilling cold. It was September month even then temperature was touching zero. We slept early with an excitement of exploring Chandratal lake next day. Click my next blog for further journey updates. (Spiti Valley Ride (Chandratal-Manali-Delhi) – Vol#7)

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