Calendar Wallpapers !!

The last few years I have enjoyed using downloaded calendar wallpapers for my desktop background.
I really love the quality and beauty I find on Clicks and Tales and am thrilled to see a return to calendar photos.

Terri Watts

Simply Amazing !!!

Epic capture...Great passion and great going Vishal...Your life will be what you create it as keep it up...A lot of photographers think that if
they buy a better camera they’ll be
able to take better photographs.
A better camera won’t do a thing for
you if you don’t have anything in
your head or in your heart.

Rounaque Parween
Aon Hewiit

Tremendous !!

Hello Vishal,

Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on this tremendous piece of work. Alot we have seen the mountains and hills and now waiting for other destinations (other than hills and mountains). Hope to see soon !!

Abhishek Pandey

Pictures Which Enthralls !!

I just want to let the creator of this website and photographer of such great pictures know that their work is just splendid. I was mesmerized by pictures, I'm from Varanasi and rite now I'm in Canada and was thinking to create a photo gallery on Varanasi on one my room wall. Your website not just helped me do it but also dragged me to the days when I was there. Those food images are just incredible Purva Chai, Kachoudi and very big thank you.

Arpit Mishra

Interesting !!

Wonderful website Vishal. I like the short description of each place with eye-catching photographs.
Keep visiting wonderful places and updating your website, So that we can use your valuable information while planning our next trip..
All the best!!

Afina Rehman

Nice !!

Mesmerized while browsing your blogs (every tale reminds me, my adventure trips); you are living your dreams actually “which most of us don’t”. Awesome photographs, Narration Double Triple Awesome 😉 Keep up the work, my best wishes are with you……..You rock!!!!!

Vikas Tyagi
ACS, A Xerox Company

Superb !!

Awesome blogs with awesome clicks and awesome tales..well done Vishal Bhai..congratulations on your website and may your new venture grow leaps and bounds..keep it up and keep posting!!!

Neeraj Kumar
ACS, A Xerox Comapny

Amazing !!

Gr8 work Vishal. I visited your website today and I am highly impressed by your work. It feels that we are actually visiting the places by looking at the pics.

All the Best and keep going!!

Sapna Jolly
Aon Hewitt

Great !!

One day, browsing through the web I was looking for some destination nearby Delhi to travel, when i found this travel and tour blog. This website is really awesome, as it made me aware of locations so nearby NCR and so beautiful. I was amazed to know that i can go scuba diving and that also at such a serene location few miles away.

The most striking feature of this blog is lively narration with the help of beautiful pictures clicked by the blogger. Sometimes i feel like traveling while reading the blog.

Great Job Dude.
Keep Surprising Us.

Rishabh Srivastava
Tata CMC

Awesome !!

This web page is a clear-cut style show of Vishal’s hard work and dedication. I know Vishal from past 5 years or so and I know he carries immense ‘wanderlust’ in him. He is the go-to person when one need to explore India, he would guide you like you are guiding yourself and you know about the places, food and every nook and corner from your last birth.

I wanted to take a moment and congratulate Vishal and wish him all the best of luck! I know this webpage is going to do wonders.

Dhiraj Bhagtani
Aon Hewitt